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First Scholars® at SIU Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the scholarship been available?

  • The scholarship was launched Fall 2011.

When is the deadline?

  • The SIU First Scholars Program will not be taking applications for the next academic year.

What does the scholarship offer?

  • 20 students will be selected to participate in a comprehensive support program including academic, social, personal development and financial awards of $5,000 each, half disbursed in the fall semester and half disbursed in the spring semester. First Scholars can receive the award for a total of 4 years if program requirements are met.

What do I need to do to maintain the scholarship?

  • Remain in good academic standing by maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Participate fully in developing and implementing an individual strategic plan
  • Participate in First Scholar activities and programming
  • File a FAFSA form each year

For more information contact the Program Coordinator, Cristina Castillo, at 618-453-1843 or cristina.castillo@siu.edu.